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Ministry of Industry and Infrastructural Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan

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Information on implementation of National "Nurly Zhol" Program for Infrastructure Development

In the frame of «Nurly Zhol» State program of infrastructure development of the President of Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev the following directions realization is entrusted on the Ministry for investment and development of RK:

1. Creation of the effective transport-logistics infrastructure.

2. Development of automobile roads.

3. Development of railway sector and logistics.

4. Development of industrial and tourism infrastructure.

Further is detailed information about projects and resources devoted on their realization.

Auto roads projects

On projects realization in the sphere of auto roads from the National Fund will be devoted resources in the sum of 296,7 bln. tenge including:

1) construction and reconstruction of Central-South (Astana – Karaganda – Balkhash – Kurty – Kapshagai - Almaty) – 92 bln. tenge, 57 bln. tenge from which in 2015, 35 bln. tenge in 2016;

2) construction and reconstruction of Central-East (Astana – Pavlodar – Kalbatau – Ust-Kamenogorsk) – 120 bln. tenge, 77 bln. of which in 2015, 43 bln. tenge in 2016;

3) construction and reconstruction of Central-West – 8,4 bln. tenge, 2 bln. of which in 2015 on project-estimate documentation design, 6,4 bln. tenge in 2016;

4) reconstruction of other roads of republic importance –

76,3 bln. tenge, 42 bln. tenge of which in 2015, 34,3 bln. tenge in 2016.

Auto roads projects with participation of international finance organizations as well. From 2016 reallocation of the loan resources formed from savings while capturing the loans of projects West Europe – West China and Beineu – Aktau – 763 mln. US dollars on realization of auto roads projects Kurty – Burubaital, Usynagash – Otar, Aktobe – Makat, Zhetybai – Zhanaozen co-financed from the National fund in the amount of 4,6 bln. tenge in 2016.

In the current year is planning to overtake by reconstruction more than 7,4 thousand km. of automobile roads. Realization of 11 auto roads projects of total cost 2,4 tln. tenge including:

1) West Europe – West China.

From the beginning of project realization the works on 1884 km were completed and the traffic from Shymkent to the boards of the Russian Federation and Zhambyl region.

2) Astana - Almaty.

Works on given direction has started from 2013 on territories of Astana-Temirtau and Almaty-Kapshagai of length 275 km, 22 km of which are completed. At the end of the year is planning to open a traffic on 72 km after full completion of territories in 2016.

3) Astana – Ust-Kamenogorsk.

Works on given direction has started from 2014. By results of 2015 is planning to open a traffic on 100 km: Astana-Pavlodar (47 km) and Pavlodar-Semey (53 km).

4) Kyzylorda – Zhezkazgan - Karagandy

Length of the roads of given territory subject to reconstruction is 925 km.

5) Astana – Aktobe – Atyrau - Aktau.

Works on given direction on the territory of Beineu-Aktau (470 km) is in progress, where in 2014 the traffic of 200 km is open. At year-end is planning to complete the works on 100 km. Rest of 170 km will be completed in 2016.

6) Almaty – Ust-Kamenogorsk.

Works on the territory of Kapshagai-Taldykorgan is in progress 157 km. At year-end is planning to complete 100 km. The rest 57 km will be completed in 2016.

DED development of Taldykorgan-Usharal site is conducted simalteniously.

Railway projects

On projects realization in the sphere of railway projects from the National Fund will be devoted resources in the sum of 46,3 bln. tenge through the targeted transfer into the republic budget with further capitalization of «KTJ» NC» JSC for the following projects:

1) construction of the second lines on sites Almaty-1 – Shu – 27,7 bln.tenge, 8,3 bln. tenge of which in 2015, 19,4 bln.tenge in 2016 co-financed from the resources of «KTJ» NC» JSC in the amount of 11,9 bln. tenge in 2016;

Civil aviation projects

On reconstruction of take-off runway and airport terminal of Astana city in 2015 from the National fund will be devoted 29 bln. tenge. The question of project co-financing attracting MFO will be worked out.

On current day works on installation fence on the construction territory, works on demolition of old passenger terminal and building of «Kazairnavigation» republic state enterprise is completed. Works on approval of stagger of existing communications and networks.

Development of industrial infrastructure and tourism infrastructure

In financing infrastructure construction in 2015 purposes 68,5 bln. tenge for the range of projects was devoted: development of «Khorgos – Eastern Gates» FEZ (to the present time the readiness of infrastructure is 40%), completion of infrastructure construction of «Pavlodar» FEZ, «Morport Aktau» FEZ, «Innovation technologies park» FEZ, «Astana is a new town» FEZ, «KhimparkTaraz».

Generally there are 124 projects are implemented for operation and over 8 thousand work places were created in functional FEZ. There are 74 projects are on the stage of realization.

In 2015-2019 yy. 50 projects is planning to be implemented into operation, creating 17000 work places.


In development purposes events on tourism infrastructure creation aimed at further development of entry and local tourism. Given measures will be directed on demand satisfaction of visitors in qualified vacation in prioritized resort areas as Alakol, Kenderli, Balkhash, and in recreation zones as Karkaraly, Bayanauyl and others.

For infrastructure development of touristic clusters will be worked out the questions on repair and reconstruction of automobile roads are lead to natural attractions and the objects historical-cultural heritages, modernization of the existing railway infrastructure, modernization of existing and construction of new airports, creation of conditions for development of small aviation, and realization of the projects in progress will be continued.

Increase of business activity and new anti-crisis measures

Local machine engineering support (production of cars, Euro copter helicopters and passenger coaches);

National car producers’ support is planning to be realized through the mechanisms of conditional and leasing financing.

In 2015 production support of national:

- cars - 20 bln. tenge;

- helicopters – 10 bln. tenge;

- passenger coaches – 5 bln. tenge. will be financed at the expense of the National fund.

Work conducted to 28.05.2015.

As of May 28,2015 there are 686 credits on car purchasing of the national producer were issued by the second level bank in the total amount of 2217, 39 mln. tenge.

Whereas, of unveiled on auto lending 15 bln. tenge in fact is acquired 14,78% of the resources.

Exporters support

Exporters support will be realized by means of giving pre-export and export lending in accordance with the requirements of «Development Bank of Kazakhstan» JSC and/or «Development Bank of Kazakhstan-Leasing» also by means of lending of finance institutes/organizations of importer (non-resident) of the goods produced on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Conditions of the project financing of national producers and exporters within the frame of given program will be determined by the Government of RK.

At the expense of National fund in 2015 national export support will be financed on 35 bln.tenge and in 2016 - 15 bln.tenge.

At the moment 10 requests are submitted, also from the enterprises of machine engineering, mining-metallurgic complex, chemical sphere and food industry in the total amount of 34,426 bln.tenge. All submitted requests are on consideration of the Development Bank of Kazakhstan.

Development of products quality infrastructure

The aim of laboratory base development is technical regulations requirements realization of Customs Union, production of competitive and qualified products, guaranteeing the certification procedures conducting certainty and reduction of certification services cost, exclusion of reliance on testing base of foreign countries.

In order to solve an insufficiency of the testing base at the expense of National fund enlargement and equipping of existing testing laboratories in light and chemical industry, in metallurgy, in the sphere of fire safety and civil defense, and veterinary as well.

This would provide a safety and increase competitiveness of the local products that would allow to pursue flexible trade policy and reduce the expenses of entrepreneurs subject related to the necessity of confirmation on products quality authenticity in EEU countries.

5 bln. tenge will be given for equipping a laboratory base.

Geological study of the perspective territories

6 bln. tenge will be devoted on increasing a volume of geological exploration works.

Geological exploration works will be started on the devoted resources for discovering perspective fields of subsoil assets with an assessment of forecasted resources within the frame of mineral-raw materials base of Republic, in particular:

- Regional geophysical researches (geotraverse);

- Search, search-assessment works of hard mineral resources;

- Search works on hydrocarbon crude (stratigraphic prospect drilling);

- Search-prospecting works on geothermal water.

– Resources in the amount of 5 bln. tenge from the devoted 6 bln. tenge is directed on regional geophysical researches -

search works on hard mineral resources – 922 707,0 thousand tenge; search works on hydrocarbon crude - – 2 092 846,0 thousand tenge; search-assessment works of hard mineral resources - 146 976,0 thousand tenge; search-prospecting works on geothermal water - 670 000,0 thousand tenge. For an upcoming years the budget would save around 1,0 bln. tenge.

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